Monday, May 25, 2009

MAC Wedding Cake May 09

5 Gold And White

Red Roses Nurul

Sweety Red

Malay Couple On their Wedding Cake

Malay Couple On Cake

Yankees And Mini c'OOPS'er

NY theme cake 4 Uncle Paul


"Yankees Cake"

Mini Cooper..
2013 kot :P

MAC Hantaran Cake May 09

"Lily Pink Body Line"

'Kelabu Asap silver'

Stripy Grey

White Swan
NOTICE: Please take note, Price for the cake with the handmade flowers is totally different. RM150++
Ready Made Flowers RM135++
(Tertakluk pada syarat2)

Souvenir by MAC

Fancy Cookies With Box And ribbon for VIP
(Minimum Order 50px)

CupCakes In Da Box.
Only RM4.50++
(Minimum Order 50pcs)

Red Hot Chilli Mamma

ReD Mamma

Garden Of Red Roses

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Pastry and Bakery classes this week-Open For You

Please click here for the clear picture

Hantaran Cake and our busy week

It is a busy week..But its worth it
"Full of satisfaction"

"Mama I Love You"

"21st Blink2 Cake For Datin Fauziah"

"Asia Catalilies"

"Azni Hantaran Cake"

"Love me always"

"Green and Pink"

"Crawling Diamond"

"Silverish Blue"

"Yellow Skirting"
"Black Forest Kak Mai"
Thanks To all our customer

Azni's Wedding Cake and Hantaran

Wedding Cake
Concept: Garden Wedding
Hantaran Cake
Self Made gumpaste Flower

First tier

Second Tier
Thanks Azni

Vrooom2..Ferarri Cake

Ferarri Italy Cake

Front View

View from the back..vroomm2

* Terpaksa beli kereta Ferarri but yg mainan punya la dekat SHELL untuk Rujukan

* Done at 4am in da morning ....zzzzzz

* Berat lebih kurang 2kg++/ butter cake

* Time ni memang bz ngan order..Allhamdulillah

*This cake belong to Kak Faridah..for her son Fahim..Thanks time boleh order lagi ;)

Betul...betul..betul..Kek Upin dan Ipin (ye ke??)

"Ehem2...nape macam lain je muka bebudak ni..."

Actly nak buat Upin dan ipin..

Last2 ni yang jadik..

Anyway this is our "Upin dan Ipin Kek"..we will try our best next time..Betul...betul..betul

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Friday, May 1, 2009

Leopard..Heart and Tulips

(Free hand painted)

Heart Shape Cake..Inspired by "The Musical Box"

"Fresh from the garden"