Tuesday, June 30, 2009

And "Once upon in time..." A fairy tale castle

KL Tower

Behind The Construction Procedure

The Result

More Details

A Cinderella Shoes..

Sporty Car

Ini Khairul..our photographer jemputan (sebab photographer yg asal kena bawak kek) Thanks Khai

M.A.C Team

Colabaration With Party Friends

Last But No Least..In the Lift :p

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Monday, June 29, 2009

What is this????

What is this..??check it out on my next post..skrg ni dah ngantuk..haha z..z.z..z.z

"Who live in the pineapple in the sea?"Sponge bob and Patrick cake

This is BikiNi Bottom cake..Sponge bob and patrick with their house..pineapple and "a rock"...

Spongebob and Patrick tu kitaorg beli sebab request by the customer..nnt boleh simpan tuk anak dia..cake for edYan yang dtg class cupcakes before..thanks Yan

Sponge Bob house

Patrick Star with his house

SpongeBob Square pants

Cars Disney-Mcquin and Tow Mater Cake

This is one of the character in Cars movie..his names is Mcquin Lightning..(kalau x silap la..haha)
Tadaaa "Cars cake-Mcquin and Mater"

and this is Mcquin frens..his name is Mater..Tow Mater..actly tow Mater ni dalam filem tu macam lapuk cket..lampu sebelah pecah..tayar tercabut.badan bercapuk...tp cam x sampai hati plak..so buat lain cket..

tumpang Inter-frame jap..haha
Penat gak wat this 2 character tp puas hati..

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Red Melissa by MAC

2 Tiers Red Roses Stacky
Cake Cutting ceremony

Cupcakes 3 Daisy
For her friends and family

Thanks Melissa and her Aunt, Jo

Ribbon Hantaran Cake by MAC

"Big Ribbon Cake"
Inside: Almond Sujee Cake
Size Cake: 8Inch
Weight: 1.3kg
Prices: RM160

Volcano Cake by MAC

Psttt...kena beli dry ice kat 'Baskin And Robins' untuk effect smoke..definately kena beli Ice cream BnR baru boleh dpat ice tu..haha
Unfortunately gambar with the smoke effect tu x dapat ambil..

MadAboutCake Studio

Mad About Cake Studio at SS2, Petaling Jaya

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Bengkel Handbag

Let see what happen..
Raw LV
'Handle' with care
yes, it is My First time


Touch Up time
Anis with the result

Chanel Handbag
Chanel Logo

LV handbag

They did a good job as a first timer..congrats kak Rozi

Handle tu mcm terlebih besar cket..anyway still LV

Kelas ni just for two person.
Private and After work session.
Thanks Anis and Rozi
Good Job You guys!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

'Betul..betul..betul' I did it Again 6am..so sleepy

Another Cake upin and ipin
Finish everything at 6am then delivery at 12pm at Keramat
Time for the revenge..time for sleep hahah
(actly rupa tu lari cket hehe)

Bouquet of Fantasy Flowers