Friday, March 27, 2009

'Cheesy' and CupCake'Z Classes

"Cheese Cake Classes"
4th April 2009 (Sat)
Join us and learn how to prepare,bake and chilled various cheese cake. The technic, secret and 'Do s and Dont' will be reveal.
Recipe's include:
1. Baked Cheese Cake
2. Chilled Cheese Cake
3. Caramel Custard Cheese Cake (HOT:Our own Speciality Recipe)
Its Only RM120.00##
And you got to take home all the cakes
But the most important thing you got the 'Knowledge'
Limited for 6 Person Only

CupCake'z Class
Baking And Decorating
5Th April 2009 (Sunday)
Hands-on Classes
Limited for 8 person
3 Type Of Cupcakes
Decorating With Butter Icing And Basic Fondant
Place your reservation NOW!!
Call 0173587388 or 0193255471
Come And Try Yourself.
And Later You will said "I Do It myself??!!"
"Yes you will"

Cup In Da Box
RM1.70 (Less than 200px)
RM1.40 (Above 200px)
++Plus RM0.15 For the Sticker with Your Name
Or Small Ribbon

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