Sunday, April 19, 2009

Cupcakes Class 2nd Edition


"and the i see boobs with the corset.. big hat...slippers..uuuhh there is someone under the blanket...Pooh??is that u?? (huhu sorry..we run out of yellow coloring)"

"CupCake artist in the making..and we can see they really2 work the table haha"

"Dibarisi oleh Ida, Nurul, Yan And Yong (bukan twin apatah lg adik beradik):p"
Thanks Everyone
Hope 2 See U guys Again


edyan7 said...

heheh... pandai buat sepah je...

thanks sbb ajar hari tu...! nanti ada rezeki...insyaAllah join lagi kelas lain pulak...:)

♥eLnia said...

hehe.. thanx again u guys.. best sgt dpt join class cupcake arituh at least dpt gak tau basic nak uwat cupcake.. he3 :))

hopefully dpt join d next class k..