Monday, December 17, 2012

HANTARAN CAKE September 2012

September 2012

this time turn hantaran cake pulak...after 2month perap dalam pc baru nak upload we go

Peach Hantaran Roses
Sept 2012

Pastel Mood Nurul TV3
Peach, Cream and Pink

Mini Fondant Square
Sept 2012
5pcs/ set

Nurul Tv3 Design
Theme Blue and pastel color

Simple Hantaran with Edible image

Another Hantaran with Edible Image
Coral and Lace Theme
Pearl Color Sheen 

Retro Cake
Back to basic
Table Cloth Cake

Hantaran with Cuppies
Pink Sheen and Yellowish touch

Simple Off White Theme
Sept 2012

Mini Fondant Square Ribbon
Purple Pink
Sept 2012
MadAboutCake- Cake Artist and Designer

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