Thursday, December 20, 2012

Hantaran dan Wedding Cake


2 Tier Lace Pink and Cream
Hantaran Cake 

A new Design
Sireh Junjung Style Cake


2 Tier Couple 
Green and Pink Cascading Roses 

3 Tier Big Square
Red Roses

3 Tier Pillow Cake
Moroccan Style 

2 Tier
Square and Triangle cake

2 Tier Cake
White Based with Pink Open Roses

3 Tiers
Cascading Purple Hydrangeas

3 Tier Cascading
Yellow Roses and White Lilies

English Style Wedding Cake
2 Tiers square with Stripes

3 Tiers
Swags and Drapes 
Apple Green and Pink
MadAboutCake- Cake Artist and Designer

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